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We offer real support for Polish enterprises. Our specialists carry out effective recruitment, thanks to which the employees we propose are a very good solution for staff shortages of companies that have trusted us. We also provide employee leasing and outsourcing services. See how we can serve your business.


Recruitment service for qualified specialists or unskilled manual workers.

Cooperation process
- step by step

  1. Signing the recruitment contract with attachments and sending the scan – simple civil law contract without obligations and contractual penalties.
  2. We are starting recruitment of employees from the selected area according to the instructions from the signed order – recruitment takes 15 to 20 business days.
  3. Presentation of candidates. After successful recruitment, we send: documents, experience, appropriate certificates of candidates.
  4. Filing an application for a type A work permit – after positive verification of documents, the employer accepts the candidates and submits them with our full support type A work permit applications, stamp duty PLN 100 on the employer’s side.
  5. Visa process – after receiving work permits, we provide additional documents necessary for candidates to apply for a visa.
  6. After the visa is obtained, employees arrive – the cost of arrival is the employee’s responsibility, transport from the airport to the place of employment.
  7. After the first month of work of the selected person, when the employee proves himself, the employer pays a one-time recruitment fee in accordance with the signed contract.
The entire process, from the moment of signing the contract to the arrival of employees, takes about – depending on the occupancy of offices – from 3 to 4 months.

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