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For a long time, a large part of Polish companies and larger enterprises have been struggling with large staffing problems. The labor market lacks not only highly qualified employees, but also physical workers.

As a result of the resulting gap and staff shortages, both on the global and on the Polish labor market, employees from abroad, including employees from the Philippines, are sought more and more often. It is estimated that in some enterprises foreign employees account for half of the employed.

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Employees from the Philippines in Poland – why is it worth hiring?

Employees from the Far East, including employees from the Philippines, more and more often find employment in Polish companies. And although the process of recruitment and arrival in Poland is in some cases very difficult, thanks to the features desired by Polish companies, an employee from the Philippines can count on a job in Polish companies.

What is its “attractiveness”?

Apart from the obvious financial argument (as the statistical data show, an employee from the Philippines has lower expectations regarding remuneration than, for example, an employee from Ukraine), their reliability and solidity in performing the tasks entrusted to them is also in the foreground. Importantly, employees from the Philippines in Poland learn a new profession and duties very quickly.

In addition:

  • they are full of joy of life,
  • they set a good example of enthusiasm for work,
  • are involved
  • willing to learn Polish customs,
  • are loyal to the employer,
  • work well with the team,
  • have a unique work culture,

– they usually do not terminate the contract before the end of its term.

Due to the fact that the official language in the Philippines is English, the employer also has easier contact with the Filipino employee.

Employees from the Philippines recruitment and procedures

For Filipino workers, recruitment is typically within the service sector. Foreign workers successfully find employment

in agriculture, hotel industry and maritime economy.

It should be remembered that the issues of their employment in Poland are supervised by the Philippine government employment agency POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration), and the process of economic migration itself may be extended depending on the time required to obtain the necessary documents. For this reason, in order to effectively and quickly hire employees from the Philippines, an employment agency specializing in this type of activities “replaces” the employer in the entire process. Why?

In the whole process, which can take up to three months, it is necessary not only to know Philippine law, but also the mentality of the local society.


The basis for employing workers from the Philippines in Poland is a work permit issued by the province governor. The application for a work permit in the territory of Poland, together with the relevant attachments, should be submitted in person at the relevant Voivodship Office or online. The process of waiting for a permit may take 1-2 months.

The obtained permit should be handed over to the employee who will now be able to apply for a visa, and thus, legally stay in Poland and work legally.

Working and employment conditions

In the case of employees from the Philippines, the period of employment in a Polish company cannot be shorter than one year (another contract should already be concluded for a period of at least three years).

In addition, the employer should:

– guarantee the employee in the contract remuneration in the amount of at least the lowest national salary,

– provide accommodation,

-provide health insurance,

– the care of an English-speaking coordinator who will help the employee to get used to the life of the company,

Employees from the Philippines employment agency Warsaw

Using the support of an experienced employee from the Philippines in Poland, an employment agency not only gains time, but also saves money. Thanks to cooperation with an experienced employment agency, the procedures are maximally simplified and the employer is relieved. We solve official matters and issues of legality of employment of an employee.