Employees from India

The recruitment of international workers, including the recruitment of workers from India, through employment agencies is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon. In Poland, due to the diverse skills and experience of employees from India in various industries, the demand for their services has increased significantly.

The recruitment of employees from India by Polish companies is associated (similarly to the recruitment of foreign employees) with certain challenges. They result not only from cultural differences, but also from complicated procedures related to labor migration.

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Recruitment of workers from India – legalization

Before an employee from India is employed in Poland, it is necessary to obtain a work permit issued by the competent voivode. All formalities are handled by our employment agency PRF work.

Application and costs

The permit application consists of two key elements: the form and the necessary documents.

Together with the application, the employer should pay the stamp duty in the amount of:

  • PLN 50.00 (an employee from India will be employed for a period of up to 3 months);
  • PLN 100.00 (the period of employment will be longer than 3 months);
  • PLN 200.00 (for a foreign employer who delegates his employee to Poland as part of the export service).


After submitting an application for a work permit in Poland, the competent authorities issue a relevant permit after examining the case.

The document will specify:

  • entity entrusting work to a foreigner (employing company),
  • the position or type of work performed by the employee from India,
  • the lowest salary that can be received at a given position,
  • working hours,
  • the period of validity of the permit.

Workers from India in Poland – employers’ challenges

When recruiting Indian workers in Poland, employers face several challenges. Language barriers, differences in work practices and adapting to a new cultural environment can all affect effective communication and integration of employees with the new workforce. For this reason, according to experts, employers employing workers from India should invest in language training programs and inform about the resulting cultural differences in order to facilitate not only more effective cooperation, but also synergy among employees.

Employers hiring an employee from India should:

  • provide him with comprehensive support,
  • provide him with assistance in the field of accommodation,
  • provide him with help in the field of health care,
  • ensure the social integration of employees from India with Polish employees.

Employees from India in Poland – challenges faced by employees

There is no denying that workers from India moving to Poland face big challenges. Not only do they have to adapt to a new language and work culture, but also to a new way of life. However, they are hardworking and cheerful, and at the same time cheaper than workers from Poland or the East.

Recruitment of employees from India – summary

Recruitment of workers from India in Poland requires careful consideration of cultural, legal and practical issues by the employer or employment agency. By adopting effective recruitment practices and offering comprehensive support, companies can attract and retain talented Indian specialists, thus contributing to both their own development and the development of the Polish workforce.