Asian hospitality workers

Hotel workers from Asia, this offer of the PRF Work Employment Agency includes services in the field of – recruitment of hotel staff from Asian countries to Poland. Recruitment outsourcing Asia is the specialization of our agency, and the job placement service – Hospitality workers from Asia includes the process of searching for and presenting the best candidates for employment and is addressed to the owners of: hotels, SPA facilities, motels and boarding houses.

Asian maids, cleaners, waiters, bartenders and chefs, we recruit Asian employees for various positions for our clients. The PRF Work agency helps Polish employers in acquiring qualified, diligent employees who will perfectly cope with all duties related to accommodation, catering and event management in hotels in Poland.

Recruitment of hotel workers from Asia to Poland – PRF Work offer

Hotel workers from Asia is an offer of PRF Work addressed to Polish entrepreneurs operating in the HoReCa industry. Our candidates for work in hotels and restaurants in Poland are motivated and full of energy people from various regions of Asia, from countries such as: Nepal, India and the Philippines. Asian hotel workers cooperating with our agency are full of energy, open and communicative people with extensive experience in the hotel industry, gastronomy and tourism.

Recruitment of hotel workers from Asia to Poland in our agency is a multi-stage process carried out by specialists, which guarantees that each of our candidates is carefully verified in terms of: qualifications, predispositions, skills and abilities. At PRF Work, we cooperate with the best recruitment agencies in Asia, which gives us access to a huge database of the best, valuable candidates for work in the HoReCa industry, regardless of whether it is a seasonal or long-term job.

Hospitality workers India Philippines – how do we work?

Our company offers services – recruitment of hotel workers from Asia, which means that we mediate in the employment of foreigners, Asian employees in: hotels, restaurants and bars in Poland and abroad. Our goal is to find the best candidates for a given position, according to the guidelines of our clients.

Many employers in Poland want real specialists from Asia to join the ranks of their companies, which is why our model of cooperation with the client boils down to the following responsibilities:

  • searching for Asian candidates for hotel positions, to work in Poland,
  • preliminary selection of candidates by our agency,
  • thorough assessment of qualifications, experience and skills of potential hotel employees, in accordance with the client’s guidelines,
  • presentation of selected candidates for work in the hotel to the employer.

Our effectiveness in recruitment projects is based primarily on our commitment to finding ideal candidates. Trust, professionalism and efficiency – these are the values that still motivate our activities!

Hospitality workers India Philippines – what positions are we recruiting for?

Asia maids and Asia cleaners are the most frequently implemented recruitment projects in our agency. In addition, at PRF Work, for the HoReCa industry, for hotels and restaurants in Poland, we carry out recruitment for the following positions:

  • masseuse,
  • maid,
  • receptionist,
  • floor service worker,
  • technical worker,
  • gardener,
  • spa employee.

Employment of hotel workers from Asia in Poland

New chain hotels are being built in Poland, as well as family boarding houses, motels and inns, which generate new jobs. Undoubtedly, the hotel industry is an interesting, but quite difficult and very responsible profession, which is why Polish entrepreneurs and hoteliers still struggle with a shortage of “hands” to work. Hiring hotel workers from Asia allows you to quickly and effectively solve problems related to staff shortages in the HoReCa industry.

Outsourcing of recruitment from Asia ensures constant access to qualified employees who can significantly raise the standards of service in hotels. Asian employees are perfectly prepared for physical work in shifts, they are characterized by commitment and loyalty to the employer. Certainly, the employment of hotel workers from Asia contributes to the stabilization of Polish companies.

Hospitality workers from Asia working with our agency are hard-working, conscientious and very ambitious people, they are not afraid of challenges related to this profession. In Poland, they are appreciated for their professionalism and manners, which are extremely important when serving hotel guests.

In our hotel recruitment system, we select only those people who want to work in Poland in order to raise their financial status and gain a chance to improve their lot. Our job candidates are properly motivated, because we also make sure that after employment, they are treated with respect and honesty by the Polish employer.

Asian maids, Asian cleaners – work permit

If you are interested in outsourcing employees from Asia and need support in the process of recruiting foreigners, use our services – Hospitality employees India, Philippines and Asia recruitment and formalities – save your time and money! Our agency provides comprehensive support in the visa process and organization of transport of employees from Asia to Poland.

At PRF Work, we operate with full professionalism, taking care of the stages of the recruitment process – from beginning to end. With us, you will be sure that you will find the best employee for your company! Trust experienced professionals who will provide you with great value and great support. We are ready to help you find the perfect employees who will contribute to the success of your business! p

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