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The choice of employees from Asia may be the optimal solution for employers in Poland due to the specific features of the work culture characteristic of these regions. Employees from Asia are characterized above all by:

  • great commitment to your work;
  • strong desire to develop;
  • great determination to perform duties;
  • work is an important element of life success for them.

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Asian worker culture

The work culture in many Asian countries is based on the principles of hierarchy and discipline. Employees undertake work with full dedication, striving to achieve the goals of their employer. They are also characterized by the ability to work in a group and care for harmony and a positive atmosphere in the team. On a daily basis, they are non-conflict, patient and disciplined people.

Employees from Asia are excellent employees because they can take into account the needs of the employer and their clients. Thanks to their commitment and skills, the work is done reliably and accurately, and courage in taking up new challenges is their strong feature. An important issue in their case is also the willingness to constantly develop and learn. Acquiring new skills and expanding knowledge is not only a duty for them, but above all a pleasure.

Employees from Asia why is it worth it?

Asian workers are not only hardworking and eager to learn, but also have language and cultural skills. Therefore, they are attractive candidates for companies that are looking for qualified specialists. Their ability to communicate in foreign languages and knowledge of Western culture allows them to easily and effectively adapt to work in a new environment.

The benefit for employers is also the saving of time, resources and money for recruitment. Cooperation with an employment agency gives the possibility of a constant influx of new candidates and provides access to competent and experienced employees. Working with the agency also allows for an easy and quick recruitment process and minimizes the risk that the employed person will not meet the employer’s expectations.

It is worth noting that the Polish labor market is becoming more and more competitive, and using the services of an employment agency that has access to candidates from different regions of the world gives an advantage in choosing the best employees. Opening up to the employment of workers from Asia may turn out to be beneficial, both from the company’s point of view and from the employees’ point of view. Their hard work, commitment and willingness to develop can bring many benefits to both parties.

Asian workers in Poland – benefits

By employing employees from Asia, the agencies bring cultural diversity to the Polish labor market.

Asian employees employed in Polish workplaces:

  • bring with them a wealth of experience,
  • highly qualified skills.

In addition, they are most often characterized by:

  • high level of education, – professionalism,
  • technical skills so valuable to many industries.

Working in diverse teams, they create not only an atmosphere of innovation and creativity, but also mutual understanding.

Employees from Asia – high culture

The great advantage of Asian employees is their high work ethic, discipline and commitment. The work culture in many Asian countries is inextricably linked to numerous values, such as:

  • diligence,
  • scrupulousness,
  • loyalty to the employer.

This, in turn, translates into high quality and efficiency of the tasks entrusted to them.

Employees from Asia – recruitment through employment agencies

Polish employment agencies play a key role in the process of recruiting employees from Asia. They provide professional support and advice for both employers and employees.

Employment agencies have extensive knowledge of the labor market as well as specific industry requirements. Thanks to this, they are able to effectively match the skills of employees from Asia to the needs of Polish enterprises.

Recruitment of employees from Asia – step by step

It is worth noting that the recruitment of employees from Asia by employment agencies is a comprehensive process.

Identification of needs

The whole process starts with identifying the needs of the labor market and analyzing the skills required for specific positions. Having defined the demand, the agencies carry out an active search for candidates in Asia (using various tools, such as: recruitment portals, contact networks and specialist job fairs).

Initial selection

The next stage is to carry out the selection, verification of qualifications and experience of potential candidates.

Recruitment and formalities service

In addition to verification, experienced employment agencies also offer Polish companies support in the entire process of formalizing the stay of an Asian employee (both in terms of visas and administration) to ensure a smooth and trouble-free arrival of employees from Asia to Poland.

Employees from Asia in Poland – where do they come from?

More and more often in Polish enterprises, apart from employees from Ukraine, also employees from Asia find employment. Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh, South Korea and India. These are the countries where Asian workers most often come from.

Asian workers are most likely to find employment in a number of industries, including:

  • processing (mainly food processing),
  • production,
  • construction,
  • finishing,
  • IT,
  • service (beauty salons, restaurants, cleaning companies).